Getting Started with Envazi

What are Time Blocks?

Time Blocks are blocks of time when you are available to work on your projects. Projects are what you want to get done with the help of Envazi. Orange blocks are when you can work, and each time block represents 15 minutes.

If you have days when your work times are the same, click “COPY SCHEDULE” and select the days you want to copy your time blocks to.

Create a Project

Projects are the things you want Envazi to help you get done. From this dashboard, you can see the estimated completion date, how much estimated time you have left, how many total hours you have worked on this project, and what percent is complete.

If you click on the project, you will have the ability to view its checklist and notes, edit the project, view its analytics and delete.

You can also change the priority of each project by clicking “SORT PROJECTS” and dragging them into place. The project on TOP is the one you want to finish first. While we love and promote working and focusing on 1 thing at a time, some people need to multitask. When sorting, drag the multitask bar under the projects you want to work on simultaneously. The projects above the bar will be worked on at the same time.

Add Checklist Items

Create a task list of everything you need to accomplish for your project. These milestones and time estimations will let our system learn more about your efficiency and ability to judge how long tasks take, making our completion time estimates a lot more accurate.

When you complete the task, simply click the checkbox to mark them as done. Also you can sort the order of the tasks by clicking on “SORT TASKS”.

To delete a checklist item, click on it and push the trash icon. When you are done with your project, click the “COMPLETE PROJECT” button at the bottom of the screen.

Add Tasks & Appointments

These are tasks and appointments you have that are not related to your project or keep you away from working on your project. For example doctor’s appointments, walking the dog, etc. These tasks can be assigned a date and time, or be recurring.

If your goal is to finish a side project outside of your day job, you can add your job as a recurring task. Work time is not tracked inside of these items, however you can still use the checklist and notes system to help keep you organized.

Your Agenda

The Agenda is your to-do list for the day. Click the checkbox on the right side of the task to post your Update. (Did you get things done or not?) Click anywhere else in the task to see your checklist, notes, and project info.

Remember, it is really important to always post your updates! That’s how the system can track your progress, get to understand you better, and be able to make suggestions to help you get more done!

Update Your Progress

This is where you keep track of your progress. Submit how long you actually worked during that time block and any setbacks you may have had. In order to get the most out of Envazi, post updates as much as you can and be honest!

You can also “level up” by increasing your “streak” (At the top left of the screen). To earn credit for the day, all you need to do is work on your project during one of your time blocks, without any setbacks.

Add Notes

Add any notes that will help you get things done. Click the bookmark icon to the left of your note to mark them for quick access. Click the bookmark icon above your notes to view the ones you have marked. To delete a note, simply click on it and push “DELETE”.


This data will tell you more about your progress, your work habits, your work efficiency, how good are you at estimating how long tasks take, and more! Swipe left and right to see more reports and valuable insights.

The longer you use Envazi and the more frequently you update and complete items in your checkbox, the more accurate this data will be. Also, new report types and insights will be unlocked once enough data is recorded.